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#DeepDream       /27 jul 2015/

Hi there! I've done the #DeepDream port of «The other side...»! This video is made under Fedora 20 virtual machine, rendering has taken ~10 days. So, I think it's rather mysterious & ambitious.

I'll play Morse code...        /20 jun 2014/

7 years ago «Lost» has left Condemned Cell. We have doted all 'i's and crossed all 't's near the CMC building (territory of MSU). Nowadays I've made symbolic photo - since seven years have passed. What do I have to say? I think, that a walk at MSU in June is the purest pleasure.


Рядом с МГУ. 13/06/2014

Performing english version       /20 jun 2014/

If you speak english - you are my friend! Suggestions about translations: feel free to report about any mistakes.

Spring 2014       /13 mar 2014/

Here's a camrip from our debut show (2006-02-15). Condemned Cell are playing «The other side of moral culture»!


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